What our designs symbolise

Flower of Life

Adorning you with a striking geometric pattern the Flower of life is considered a sacred symbol. It has been known to have powerful healing benefits and self awareness.

Wear the flower of life to help overcome fears, strong self awareness and provide self harmony.


Known for its purity, the Lotus Flower continues to shine amidst growing in muddy ponds.  The Lotus Flower represents inner strength, resilience and an ability to persist through the rough weathers of life.

Wearers to feel a sense of power and clarity in future and have an understanding that life’s uncertainties are short lived.

Tree of Life

With its roots deeply embedded in tradition, the Tree of Life has mystical and magical properties dating to ancient times.  With an ability to heal, rejuvenate and create an abundance of necessities it seeks the rays of the sun of well-being to produce health and lasting vigor.

Wearers feel a great sense of calm and renewal with a vision of the beauty of the female spirit and grace.


The Rose has long been used as a sacred symbol of love and beauty.  With connections to the goddess Isis, The Rose represents health, marriage and wisdom. The Rose is the queen of flowers with links to the expression of love, affection and passion.

Wearers express feelings of self-love and affection freely in a world that can be cynical of romance and expressions of love.


The vast universe makes itself apparent every eve in the form of Stars.  The Star represents the endless possibilities that this universe has available to us. 

Wearers feel respect and a connection to the larger cosmos which embrace our existence and understand that this fleeting world is merely a moment in time.


There is no natural symbol of positivity stronger than The Sunflower.  With its incredible ability to always face the Sun, The Sunflower represents adoration, loyalty and longevity. 

Wearers feel energetic and vibrant with a link to nature’s beauty even through the cloudy days that life may represent.