• Silver Bracelet - Flower of Life

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    Adorning you with striking geometric pattern the Flower of Life is considered a sacred symbol.  It has been known to have powerful healing benefits and self-awareness.  

    Wear the Flower of Life to help overcome fears, strong self-awareness and provide self-harmony.

     Product Description

    ·         Diffuser Pendant made from hypoallergenic, tarnish resistant Stainless Steel 

    ·         Bracelet features 1 Gold bracelet, 1 Rose Gold Bracelet  and 1 Silver Bracelets measuring 65mm in diameter and made with 316L surgical  grade stainless steel        

    ·         Diffusing pendant measures 20mm in diameter with stainless steel backing

    ·         Surgical grade 316L stainless steel

    ·         Enjoy diffusing your favourite oils and the benefits all day long

    ·         Will not change the integrity of the essential oils

    ·         A perfect option for anyone with sensitive skin or perfume allergies

    ·         Stainless steel will not oxidize (rust) nor turn black

    ·         Each pendant is engraved with esAROMA on the back of the pendant to show authenticity

    ·         Comes with 6 absorbent 100% sustainable bamboo fabric pads