• Gold - Lotus Crystal


        Known for its purity, the Lotus Flower continues to shine amidst growing in muddy ponds.  The Lotus Flower represents inner strength, resilience and an ability to persist through the rough weathers of life.

        Wear the Lotus Flower to feel a sense of power and clarity in future and have an understanding that life’s uncertainties are short lived.

         Product Description

        ·         Diffuser Pendant made from hypoallergenic, tarnish resistant Stainless Steel 

        ·         30mm in diameter with glass backing

        ·         Surgical grade 316L stainless steel

        ·         Enjoy diffusing your favourite oils and the benefits all day long

        ·         Will not change the integrity of the essential oils

        ·         A perfect option for anyone with sensitive skin or perfume allergies

        ·         Stainless steel will not oxidize (rust) nor turn black

        ·         Each pendant is engraved with esAROMA on the back of the pendant

        ·         Comes with 6 absorbent 100% sustainable bamboo fabric pads